Original SaluSTIM tVNS Stimulator

The SaluSTIM tVNS device delivers non-invasive neurostimulation to harness beneficial therapeutic mechanisms of the vagus nerve.

Customised stimulation variables are easy to apply. These are input via the keypad controller and the result can be read from the large LCD display. 

The wire connecting the ear-clip to the device must be plugged into the socket at the top of the device.

The earclip electrode is set to the tragus of the left ear which is innervated by the auricular branch of the Vagus Nerve.

Please note: due to regulative reasons we are not able to deliver to certain areas, for example we are currently not able to sell to US and Canadian customers. We apologize for this. SaluStim tVNS v.1 has been manufactured and certified according EU MEDDEV 2.7/1 June 2016 as a medical device. It is not certified as a medical device according MDR 2017/745. We are currently pursuing MDR certification for the next version, v.2.

Eligibility: Patients with implanted medical devices such as pacemakers should not use the device. The same applies if you are pregnant, you should not use the device.